October 31, 2009

Ahmad Saud - Surah Muzzammil (Amazing Recitation)

This is a video of Ahmad Saud reciting Surah Muzzammil. He has a truly amazing voice.

Let me know what you think.


October 15, 2009

Ayat Al Kursi with English Translation

Beautiful recetation of Ayat al Kursi.Waslam,

The recitor is Shaykh Khaled Badawi.

The reciter is currently serving a prison sentence in a notorious Egyptian jail "for the 'crime' of striving to establish the remembrance of Allah in all spheres of life"

September 15, 2009

Somaya Abdul Aziz - Surat Al Shams

Masha'Allah, This Girl Is Only 12 Years Old, Her Name Is Somaya Abdel Aziz, She's Egyptian, From A Town Near Tanta, Shes A Hafiz Of The Quran, And Recites On The Al Fajr Channel,
One Of Her Teachers Of Recitation Is Ahmed Mustafa Who Has The Largest Collection Of Sheikh Mustafa Ismael Recitations.
Ahmed Mustafa Trained A Number Of Students Including Yasir Sharqawi, Who Is A Protege Of Sheikh Mustafa Ismail.
Listen To This Young Qari'a And Say Masha'Allah,

September 01, 2009

August 15, 2009

Al-Kanderi - Surah Yasiin

This is from Taraweeh prayer in Ramadan 1428. Sheikh Fahd Al Kanderi, hafidhahullah is reciting from Surat ya-seen. From Masjid AlKabeer In Kuwait

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

August 01, 2009

Al - Qariah by Fahd Al-Kanderi

Beautiful Qur'anic recitation of Surat Al-Qari'ah by Sheikh Fahd Bin Salem Al-Kanderi.

-Includes English Translation-

سورة القارعة مع الشيخ فهد بن سالم الكندري

Video created by Suleiman Salem
سليمان سالم

July 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

Surah al-Qiyamah by Jamaaludeen Az Zay'ali

Recitation from a Masjid in Jizaan,KSA 1426H

June 01, 2009

Muhammad al-luhaidan - Surah Al-Imran ver 166-175

Muhammad al-luhaidan recites surat ali-'Imran vers 166-175 very beautiful recitation

May 30, 2009

The Way The Devil Works ( Hijab)

Here we have a girl who is wearing hijab (the veil) and abaya (the cloak) yet shaytan is telling her show a little bit of hair put on a little bit of blush because she looks ugly and tired change from a black abaya of modesty to a sparkling one that draws attention because the black is for old hags etc..

And tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be
modestAnd tell the believing women to lower their gaze and
be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is
(Qur'an: Chapter 24, Verses 30-31)

May 20, 2009

Al Kanderi - Surah Naba'

A beautiful Recitation by Al-Kanderi

May 11, 2009

Quran Recitation Fahd Al-Kanderi- Surah at-Tawbah

Another Great Recitation By Al-Kanderi

February 26, 2009

Surah Al-Mulk

Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais an-Najdi(Hanbali) (Arabic: عبد الرحمن السديس (abd ar-Raxman ibn abd al-Aziz as-Sudais an-Najdi), born Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1961) is the leading imam of the Grand mosque in the Islamic holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia and the "Islamic Personality Of the Year" 2006. (wikipedia)

February 12, 2009

Sheikh Sudais - Surah Rahman (Beautiful Recitation)

Al-Sudais comes from the Anza clan. He had memorized the Quran by the age of 12.

Growing up in Riyadh, Al-Sudais studied at the Al Muthana Bin Harith Elementary School, and afterwards the Riyadh Scientific Institution from which he graduated in 1979 with a grade of excellent.

He obtained a degree in Sharia from Riyadh University in 1983, his Master's in Islamic fundamentals from the Sharia College of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 1987 and received his Ph.D. in Islamic Sharia from Umm al-Qura University in 1995 while working there as an assistant professor after serving at Riyadh University

January 28, 2009

Abd Al Basit Abd As Samad - Surah Dhuha

Sheikh Abdul Basit 'Abd us-Samad (1927-1988) (عبد الباسط عبد الصمد), was an Egyptian Qari. He was born in a village called Armant in the southern part of Egypt. He memorized the Qur'an before he was 10 years old and learned all the seven readings of Qur'an. He used to be invited in the local mosques during Ramadan nights when he was just 14 years old. He was influenced by the famous reciter Muhammad Refat and used to walk miles to listen to the his recitation on the radio. In 1950, he came to Cairo where his star shone with the recitation that made the other Muslims in the mosque amazed. He recited some of Suratul Ahzab (The Confederates) that reads Oh you believers, Allah and his Angels praise the Prophet. The audience was listening speechlessly as his legendary voice echoed throughout the mosque. Though he was supposed to recite for 10 minutes, he was requested to go on with his recitation for more than an hour and half. The audience was utterly thrilled by tone of this miraculous reciter. He was one of the first Haffiz to make commercial recordings of his recitations, and the first president of the Reciters' Union; as well, he was ranked as one of the top Huffaz in Egypt. He is considered by many the most influential reciter of the 20th century. Even more than 20 years after his death, he is still one of the most regarded reciters and many modern day reciters try to imitate him. He is the only Qari who has won three-time world Qirat competitions in the early 70's. Abdul Basit is also best known with his famous Sura Al-Fatiha recitation.

He traveled extensively outside Egypt; in 1961, he recited at the Badshahi Masjid, in Lahore, Pakistan.

Abdul Basit Abdul Samad is survived by his three sons (from eldest to the youngest): Yasir, Hisham, and Tariq. Yasir has also became a Qari following his father's footsteps.

January 06, 2009

Surah Al-Fatiha oleh Yasser Al-Failakawi

Beautiful Quran Recitation by Yasser AL-Failakawi